Showing care and support

A family-owned business providing crisis and respite care for children and young people with complex needs is embarking on the next stage of its growth journey.

Preston-based Real Care Support has purchased its first residential unit and is currently developing it into a therapeutic residential home.

It has also applied to registration authority Ofsted as it looks to offer the therapeutic residential children’s home alongside its current services.

The business, founded by Gary Meehan, currently works with local authorities, secure units, youth offending teams and social work departments providing services which meet each client and young person’s individual needs.

As well as crisis and respite care the company, which now employs more than 60 staff, provides a number of other services, including secure and welfare transport.

WNJ has provided support and business advice to Gary and his team throughout the company’s development, from its very early days. The business was started by Gary just over two years ago.

Gary, whose family has a background in teaching and social work, says he founded Real Care Support after selling a previous business, because he was wanted to work in a sector that he had a passion for.

He says: “We did a lot of research and found specialisations in the market and we’ve developed them. We’re very excited about the next stage in the business.

“We’re looking to create something that isn’t just a children’s home, but offers therapies to help those young people living there.

“It is about making a real difference, that is really important to everyone in the business.”

The plan is for more growth, once it receives Ofsted registration. That registration and the business’ first residential unit will also lead to more jobs.

Gary says: “We’ve had some great help and advice from WNJ since day one, they have been with us throughout the journey.”

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